General view of El Portus122 INF-FNI members from Portugal, UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Brazil, Austria and Spain, took advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beaches, camping site and surroundings at a very low price and a high quality of accommodation and meals.

Participants could choose between two options for the first course and another two for the second. One drink, dessert and coffee included, even the special “Asiático”, and they could go naked to the lunch without their wallets. Plenty of excellent activities were on offer in the resort like yoga, water aerobics… Plus activities in the sea and in the surrounding mountains on the coast, like nude hiking, kayak excursion, etc.

The nude cruise around the area next to “Mar Menor” was very popular, with a cultural visit to the nearby city of Cartagena which included lunch.

There was also free Wi-Fi, a welcome cocktail and a farewell gala dinner with music by a local disk jockey.

In the WhatsApp group of the gathering, we posted a lot of images and several videos taken by our photographer, Juan Carlos. The photos and videos are well appreciated by the participants. Only the organisation may make use of graphic material. All participants give their consent by ticking a box on the online registration form and on arrival at El Portús on paper. The material shared in the temporary WhatsApp group is for personal use only and may not be disseminated.

All participants received commemorative gifts with the INF logo, this year a nice full-colour T-shirt and a yellow backpack with the logos of the INF, FEN and Portús.

This is an annual gathering organised by the Spanish Naturist Federation (FEN), El Portús Naturist Resort and sponsored by El Portús and the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI).All participants wear the “INF-FNI Meeting” bracelet throughout the week. The INF flag permanently presides over the El Portús restaurant, where lunch and dinner are served every day and where the opening, closing and gala dinner ceremonies of the meeting are held.

The INF-FNI President, Sieglinde Ivo, gave the inauguration and closing speeches. Two postcards, one signed by the INF’s presidents at Montalivet during the INF’s 70th anniversary in September and one with the signatures of the people attending the gathering were given to the recently-retired director of El Portús, Aurelio Vaquero.


Next South European Family Gathering

El Portús 2024: From Saturday21st to Sunday 29thSeptember.

Spread the good news!

Ismael Rodrigo, President of the FEN