Photo of two naturists on World Naked Gardening Day One of the unofficial “naked days” marked widely around the world is World Naked Gardening Day.  In the northern hemisphere this year it was marked on 4 May.  Our friends in the southern hemisphere have to wait for warmer weather on 26 October.

Regular naturists need few excuses to get their clothes off.  Gardening is a great activity to enjoy naked.  But World Naked Gardening Day is an occasion for people who are not used to outdoor nudity to try it out, and discover the delight of feeling the sun and the breeze on their skin.

Events have been organised around the world to mark this day in the naturist calendar.

Photo of plants planted on world naked gardening day in Sao Paulo

One that we hear about was in Brazil.  Brazil is in the southern hemisphere – but it’s also a tropical country where naked gardening is possible all year round.  The largest naturist group in the country, SPNat, based in Sao Paulo, decided that they would join the northern hemisphere and hold an event on 4 May.  Rosemary, basil and oregano seedlings were planted in the grounds of the site where they usually hold their regular meetings.  And they took the opportunity to prune some of the other plants too.

But why do this in May, instead of October?  Paulo Silviera, president of SPNat and of the Brazilian Naturist Federation, has the perfect answer.  “We must remember that nature should be cared for every day.  Of course, we should not forget commemorative dates, but we should do more together in our daily lives  to  respect our natural environment and help save our planet.”

All very much in keeping with the statement on the SPNat website: “Naturism and Nature go hand in hand”.