Source: Roman Lasota

Naturism is a way of life that is here to stay as
long as humanity exists. Well, precisely, the world
needs more naturists. Let’s see why.
1. Society thinks our bodies are indecent
and must be covered up in shame.
Society has frowned upon naturism due to the
negative influences created over the centuries.
Once the human body was perceived as innocent,
then clothing became nothing more than a
symbol of psychological dependence. We need to
advocate for positively promoting naturism, then
society is not afraid of naturism anymore.
Promoting naturism helps to bring a more naturist
society. Let’s help end the misconceptions and
aversion of naturism by the general public!
2. The world has gotten
too textile dependent.
Clothing requirements have gotten worse over the
last few centuries. This might be due to the high
formation of civilizations since the 18th century
and people got so used to clothing. It has to do
too with materialism and globalization. Religions
have taught about being modestly dressed,
and such biases are now outdated. The textile i
ndustry makes a tremendous amount of money
on making clothes, and it has been proven that
wearing clothing as the norm causes harm.
In this day and age, it’s time to get back to
the basics and live naked.
3. We can get along better.
Clothing causes more wars and fights. In a textile
world, our minds tell us that we’re just different.
Well, this is true in things like likes and dislikes,
destinies, life stories, and personalities, but in
terms of how human bodies look like and are, it’s
not that unique at all. Clothes divide us.
Denoting social class and status by clothing
causes a sense of inferiority in social class and
status. Therefore, naturism promotes equality.
With equality we therefore respect and get
along a lot more.
4. It’s how we humans
were designed to live.
Of all species on Earth, we are the only ones
covering up, and in shame. We were born naked,
and in the first few years of life it may be no big
deal to be naked, but afterwards we’re brainwashed to believe that being nude is wrong.
We came with nothing in this world and there are
people saying they want to leave the world with
casual clothes on. What’s the point of this?
All other animals can freely roam around naked,
yet too many governments and jurisdictions
criminalize simply being nude in public. Until
when do we have to deal with this? Once the
whole world was naturist, then as civilization
advanced there came more isolation of the
natural world. Clothes make us feel superior to
other species. We should live naked. It’s just
makes sense that we were really designed to
live without clothes.
5. Atrocities are more
accepted than naked bodies.
We live in a society that accepts things like
violence, war, rape, abuse, and blood and guts,
yet is horrified by the sight of naked human
bodies. See how clothing is not for vanity and
modesty is not about the clothes? Our bodies
are not horrifying. Different body parts have been
rendered obscene throughout history, especially
the last three centuries in certain societies,
while bad stuff like violence gets more acceptable. Children are allowed to play violent
video games without supervision yet are not
allowed to view wholesome nude images of the
human body. Many people don’t mind watching
violence on TV or movies but don’t want to see
nudity, however innocent it is. Even children see
the violence, without the parents giving a fuss.
Social networks like Instagram and Facebook
allow horrific content but the human bodies we all
have are banned without clothes. No wonder we
have children raised to be violent.
How can fighting in wars, watching violent movies, cursing, or abusing others in different ways
be something to tolerate more than nudity?

We need a lot more movies, TV shows, video
games, and books with nudity. It’s unfair to have
the human body less acceptable than violence.
6. Naturism is a healthy way to live.
Naturism has been proven to have many health
benefits. Health is very important – it’s not worth
having money without health. Health is a precious
gift, too. Swimming, sunbathing, and sleeping
nude are more sanitary than doing them clothed.
Naturism promotes a healthier lifestyle than being
clothed normally.
For example, being naked on a typical summer
day outside helps obtain vitamin D from staying
some 10 to 20 minutes out in the sun and that is
so healthy. The heat is more suitable for nakedness so we don’t have excessive sweating in our
bodies causing bad-smelling bacteria. Then the
body regulates its temperature. Naturism boosts
self-esteem. Naturism improves the health and
well-being of society. We should promote
naturism, with better health among the many
reasons to promote the lifestyle.
7. Naturism promote social equality.
Without clothing we can all converse on the same
level. Everybody is accepted no matter what in
naturism. Conversations are much easier to start.
This equality promotes more peace. Clothes denote
how rich or poor one is, which causes more fights.
Clothing is one of the primary social divisions.
Without clothes we are accepted much easier.
8. Life is easier.
There are many ways that being nude facilitates
life than being clothed. Swimming clothed is
insane and uncomfortable. Why wear clothes if
it’s not to keep warm? Clothing oversexualizes
the body. Sunbathing nude prevents ugly tan
lines. We don’t have to worry much about laundry,
which has been proven to be a waste of time and
resources. Public nudity helps society – a lack of
it has destroyed careers and severely ruined lives.
Naturism promotes family quality time. Naturism
promotes emotional, sexual, physical, and mental
health. The textile industry wants our money for
clothing even when it is not necessary to wear it.
Naturism promotes more closeness to humanity.
Naturism helps to bring humanity a lot closer
together as a species than any religion,
nationality, or language can ever do. Clothes are
very restricting. Clothing is often uncomfortable.
Clothing is made with dangerous chemicals.
Forcing clothes on anyone should be a crime and
a human rights violation. Too many places, disgracefully, prohibit public nudity, which has been
proven to have negative effects. There are people
who are so unhappy with their bodies that they
have resorted to dangerous stuff like bulimia and
plastic surgery to alter their looks, which is unfair.
Clothing is often a symbol of body detestation.
Clothing doesn’t bring happiness. How can not
having anything to wear when not necessary feel
like not having anything to eat? Naturism helps us
be free. Life sure does facilitate with naturism.
9. Negative influences caused us to
believe that our bodies have
to be hidden in shame
Too much of society has an aversion of naturism.
Negative influences that are huge influences in
our lives have done this to us. Our parents, the
media, and religion have taught it to us. Even
among the most avid naturists, it can negatively
affect them too. There are too many prohibitions
of public nudity, too strict dress codes, and too
many requirements of clothing. If this didn’t
happen 3000 to 5000 years ago, why does it
happen now? Gymnophobia, the fear of nudity,
has been normalized and is serious. The fear of
nudity is an irrational and excessive fear.
We’re not born with any shame of nudity or
human bodies, just like we’re not born with any
racism or other bad discrimination in mind.
We’re taught to not look at nudity and to keep
being nude to out of the sight of others. This
doesn’t significantly interfere with our daily lives
but nonetheless should come to an end. Why?
Because it has led to other problems like body
detestation, a low self-esteem, and vitamin D
deficiencies. We need to educate more than ever
now about naturism. It’s for the good of all of us.
10. It helps with body acceptance
and appreciation.
Our bodies are beautiful. We were born naked, so
how can being naked be rude and even obscene?
With naturism we can see how our bodies look
and learn to love them no matter what. We
possibly have no perfect bodies. We need to
have something done to stop the media from
announcing perfect bodies. Only humans find
their naked bodies offensive. How unfair! We
realize that we’re really not that different and
each body is uniquely beautiful. The human
body is one of the world’s most beautiful things,
so why hide it?
11. We’re in a different time period and
now we should freely live nude againAttitudes towards sex and nudity have been
skewing left for centuries, and religious outdated
anti-nudity biases no longer affect us. In the 18th

and 19th centuries, clothing fashions covered the
whole body, but that shouldn’t be so now
anymore. In the 21st century, we should be
allowed to be nude again with more decriminalizations of public nudity. With the sayings on the
changing climate, that’s a good reason to allow
being nude a lot more too. We’ve had to deal with
problems from a lack of naturism in our lives,
and naturism is growing in acceptance, too.
In the 21st century, we should be nude to a
mainstream level.
12. Naturism doesn’t
discriminate and indeed is for all.
Naturism is indeed for anyone and everyone to
enjoy. The only thing keeping us from being
naturists is our clothes. We can be naturists at
any age. Naturism is for babies to 100+-yearolds. Naturism is for males and females.
Naturism is for all races, ethnicities, and national
origins. Naturism is for people with any disability.
Naturism is for all heights. Naturism is for all
nations and territories. Naturism is for all walks of
life. Children aren’t harmed by naturism. Naturism
is for all nationalities. It doesn’t matter who one
is, naturism is for everyone!
13. Our bodies weren’t made
for being covered up.
We weren’t made to wear clothes. Apart from
physical protection when for cold and inclement
weather and performing dangerous activities,
clothing serves no purpose. Even less were we
designed to cover up in shame. Our parents, the
media, religion, customs, and peer pressure tell us
to be ashamed of our bodies and cover them up in
shame. We’re also animals and should be free to
be around nude anywhere at any time practical.
14. There are no ugly or bad body parts.
Certain body parts have been designated as
“naughty bits”. Why? Too much brainwashing. It’s
no different censoring one body part or another.
Body parts get censored in movies, TV shows, and
anywhere else such images are in, with certain
exceptions by certain cultures. Our buttocks, genitals, and women’s breasts get censored and
that teaches shame on the body parts. They’re
natural parts of our bodies, too, like all other body
parts, and they are not ugly or bad. Human naked
bodies need to be seen a lot more, and have less
violence and other cruel and ugly things around.
15. Naturism is fun.
We should wonder how naturism can be fun. Indeed it is! We may be freely allowed to run around
naked as toddlers and a lot of us have swam naked at least once too. That really helps us not to
be ashamed of our bodies, for body shame always
hurts. Everyone should really try naturism at
least. Anyone can be a naturist. One day everyone
will be nude again, and I am definitely looking forward to that day. Naturism is important to humanity. Being naked is fun and addicting in a good
way. Once we try naturism, at least most likely is
that we don’t ever want to go back to clothes.
Everything is better when we’re naked.
Let’s help promote naturism! The good news is,
more and more naturists are around in the world
each time. The future may have even fewer
clothing than now. Let’s promote naturism and
many more can try it. Let’s have more and more
naturists each time until everyone in the world is
naturist again