Dear friends of naturism,

In 2018, Huub Giesen, as EU Assessor of the International Naturists Federation (INF), initiated visions for the naturism of the future. From the outset, it has been clear that these ideas are a star bloc for a joint development of ideas. After all, as those who participate in the naturist movement, we must make naturism fit for the future.

When the INF-FNI Central Committee met in Malaga, southern Spain, at the end of April, further action was discussed. What is clear is that we need all federations for further co-thinking. Only together are we strong. Only together do we stand on a firm foundation.

The current EU Assessor of the IN-FNI, Christoph Müller, will ensure the further growth of the IN-FNI visions in small steps. As a first step, he will flesh out the existing impulses. hese impulses will be scrutinized by the members of the INF-FNI Central Committee and possibly provide their own impetus. In a third step, all INF FNI federations have the opportunity to contribute to the development of IN-FNI visions. For each point, Christoph hopes that within two months the same contours will take on.

At the upcoming World Naturists Congress in Slovenia in September 2020, there will be a joint workshop that will focus on the future viability of naturism and the sustainability of IN-FNI visions.

In mid-June, for example, federations can count on the first work order. Take the opportunity to get into a lively exchange with Christoph. Christoph sees himself as a moderator and co-creator of what will hopefully be a lively exchange.

Nice summer days wishes Christoph