If we want to live in peace, peace must come from within our selves

Jean Jacques Rousseau


Peace begins with each of us taking care of ourbody and mind everyday



The Positive Utopia

This story comes from an idea that is although not directly political. I realised this while writing it!

It is about making a newlife visible for all – a life free from constraints and free from visible differences. A naked life for all people. The story aims to bring people closer to this life, as a pure utopia-or is it?

The people in the story are Theresa and Frank, a young couple at the  end of their studies. Two people like you and me. Two people who still have their lives ahead of them.

Theresa: A woman with great charisma. She takes the lead in your relationship intuitively, because she has the better overview of situations. Visually she is very natural, medium height and slim, but with a feminine figure – with natural not big breasts and a wider pelvis. She will later have children with Frank. The two of them are ambassadors of the new world.  She appears 100% confident with a calm almos tstoic manner. She is therock of the family and takes the lead in many situations.

Frank is a very athletic and slim guy – wiry. He is a protector and is absorbed in this role. His body is a bout the same size as his wife’s – with a little less weight. He becomes a kind of for father – the “Joseph” of the new modern man.

We accompany the two of them on a joint sporting venture. Their plan is to go on an extensive hike in the country side. So, they pack enough provisions and start a route through the nearby nature reserve. The path ads you along a mountain ridge where you can enjoy a wonderful view. On the descent from this point, something strange happens.

Our couple is transported to another time. How this happens is not clear to you, nor tous as readers, and yes, event not to the author of the story, how this could happen. But what else has certainly changed? The two are completely naked, quite naturally and simply naked.

At first, they are both unsure, the circumstances are quite unusual, but since they are intelligent, self-confident people, this is not a problem for them.  Since it is summer and there are no people to be seen, they very quickly take a great liking to the unusual situation. The two of them immediately get a direct connection to nature, a feeling they have never been allowed to have in the time in which they live. The two of them now notice how free they are – really and truly free – a feeling  that is right for all people, should be right for all people.

The following hours and days are some what like a television show in which the participants are naked in nature. The two quickly find their way around their surroundings and can live off the forest without having any major problems. They roam around and start to worry tha tthey haven’t seen any people yet.

Some how you also notice that there is no rubbish to be found. They don’t know yet that they are in another time, but you already suspect that they will play an important role.

After two days you reach a settlement that could be in Europe – exactly where you went into the forest. You will find a town that looks  medieval to our eyes. For our story, however, a temporal reference in terms of architecture, clothing or customs is not important.

The two are greeted with scepticism, but the people quickly notice that the two are special,  , and that is exactly how the two are treated. They are also offered clothes, but they refuse – they know that their nakedness has a purpose.

The people take the two to the centre of the city, to the ruling parliament. There you explain your story, which of course is not believed. All the people are still clothed, out of shame and also for warmth.

The heroes of the story are adaptable and prudent, you can credibly explain visions from the future to the people in parliament. A future in 2021 – the forests are being cut down, these as are poisoned and the earth cannot longer feed people. There is hunger and an unequal supply of resources. With about 8 billionin habitants, too many people live on this vulnerable planet.

The two offer the leaders and wisemen of the people to  work  togheter to develop a peaceful, naked future. After clarifying the alternatives, this vision is very tempting and is recognised as the best way forward.

At first there is still a lot of shame, but after a short time naked life is completely normal, it quickly spreads to their cities and countries. People are only clothed when they need protection. Immediately, this makes the world peaceful for people.

With their knowledge, an infrastructure can be built quickly that is close to the one we have today. Within 10 years, people have limited mobility. Since we can start a new, all products are produced in a climate-neutral way. The people now live in modern buildings made of wood. There are 300 million people living on earth at this time.

The descendants of our change makers go through a development from being set back in time, which leads approximately to the year 1000, to the present day.

Already in the year 1002 all people on the planet are naked in normal life – the transformation of society has taken place all over the planet.

In the family, in leisure time and also at work, all people are without clothes. It is  quite natural to work in the fields naked or to bake bread. But when protection from the cold or from injury is needed, people dress in shawls and blankets. The shawls are colourful and warm in different ways. There are also shawls with protective functions. Nevertheless, people are happy when they can take off the shawls off again.

The economy that is created is similar to our economy after only 20 years, only with far fewer people. Over population is recognised as a problem, and so population grow this actively regulated by the community. No problems are here, people are warned by the reports of our heroes.

Films are made for the population to illustrate the situation. It is shown what the future will look like in the year 2021, when history takes its course, when people do not take care of themselves. The history of our earth if the experiment succeeds is also shown. A freeworld, a positive utopia.

But how can this history help us in the present – we change and enrich it.

Everyone can freely fill the years in our history. The whole story is rewritten every day, we have the possibility to create many new  stories from this “prehistory” – a nakedworld in which dramas but also comedies take place.

All our stories have one thing in common.

There are no wars, no racial threat, no exclusion, not even of marginalised groups, alternatively talented or trans-people. All people are equal – naked. We develop new technologies and actively protect nature. It is th edeclared goal of humanity to preserve all animal species and to exploit valuable materials only to a limited extent – all this is done in an environmentally compatible way with simple means.

In the fictional world of our author, knowledge is passed on from generation to generation via modern technologies – for example, in the year 1020, people are already working with computers.

People have time for art because of progress. Travelling is possible, but not as we know it. A journey takes an average of 4 weeks because travel speeds are low.


Calling all readers!

This concept can always be expanded in an exciting way, the best way to run such an utopiaworldwide is on a daily basis. Utopia changes all ourlives. We live naked, happy and peaceful with each other. There is social media, for example – but this one without hate.

Our heroes are called Theresa and Frank, but this is only a symbol, these are names.They can take other names with you, names that correspond to your origin.

They have no other interest than to promote nudity, they would follow democratic majorities and also get vaccinated against serious diseases. But you do not want your story to be used for these issues.

Pandemics cannot occur in the nakedworld because we preserve our environment, large areas are untouched. 70% of all land is protected areas. People live in cities and are  connected by rail.

After we put our stories into the world, many media emerge which represent our ideal World.

A film, a series convinces people that living according to this ideal is the best solution. We thus achieve a bridge to our heroes Theresa and Frank.

The nakedworld is happy – all people in this world can realise themselves.

Parallel to all these creative forms of expression, which are also quickly successful, changes are taking place in society – which are accompanied by a film that everyone quickly knows, the first people are coming to work naked, even in countries where such a developmentcould not be expected. The worlds become blurred and the positive utopia can become reality. If soldiers follow the utopia, war-like conflicts become impossible.

The most important characters:

Theresa: A woman with great charisma. She takes the lead in your relationship intuitively, as she has the better overview of situations. Visually she is very natural, medium height and slim, but with a feminine figure – with not too big breasts and a wide pelvis. She has 2 children in her life with Frank, they are both ambassadors of the new world.  She appears 100% confident with a calm almost stoic manner. She is the rock in the surf. Theresa is 24 years old at the beginning of ou rstory and is studying mechanical engineering.

Frank: A very athletic and slimguy – wiry. He is a protector and is absorbed in this role. His body is a bout the same size as his wife’s – with a little less weight. He becomes a kind of fore father – the “Joseph” of the new modern man. Frank has completed an apprentice ship as a carpenter and is currently catching up on his school-leaving exams. He is 23 years old.

The people at the beginning of the story; are very simple people who are busy earning their living. Nevertheless, they have their hearts in the right place.

All the other characters are developed with the story, are developed by countless writers. Even if this sounds unbelievable. We find a good, positive side in all people. We believe in the good in ou rcharacters heroes.

My story wants to change the world, it wants us all to fight together for this positive utopia, because it is worth it. It is the template, the blue print for your ideas. These stories represent an ideal world.


There should also be scenes with many people to illustrate normality: in the pedestrian zone, in the stadium, at sports. These scenes underline the strength of our idea.