Doria Gani‘s story is from the heart, and her
deeply personal and transformational journey in
The Naked Yoga Effect is to be published by
Aurora Metro on Saturday 1 May 2021.
The Naked Yoga Effect is the inspirational story of
Doria’s life, fighting for life and surviving cancer;
to rehabilitation and discovering yoga; through
to the joy she has found in developing her unique
naked yoga which is now so positively in her future life.
Doria gently and beautifully encourages her readers to reconnect with their own bodies discovering the freedom that her naked yoga gives. Doria’s
outstanding skill and practice of yoga in a totally
natural state, can be seen throughout The Naked
Yoga Effect, with stunning photography, exercises,
guidance, advice and all the benefits that naked
yoga brings.
Doria’s frank and moving story of her early life in
Tuscany is revealed growing up in a traditional
Italian family with an emotionally abusive father,
her move to London, troubled relationships and
the bombshell diagnosis of stage 3 cervical cancer.
Her shame turns to a fight for survival, her healing
turns into the discovery of yoga and self-acceptance. Then in 2014, surprising even herself, Doria
travels to India to train as a yoga teacher. Finally,
the defining moment, as she practiced her yoga
naked as the sun rose over the Nevada desert, that
lifted her spirits and gave her the drive to share
her naked yoga.
Doria takes her readers out of their comfort zone
and gives them the courage to feel safe in their
own skin and be responsible for the health of their
own body. Her naked yoga will help them to find
the confidence, lightness and energy in their body
and onward life, by practicing her naked yoga….
and just maybe, the most revolutionary thing
about The Naked Yoga Effect is to love your body.
Over the past year Covid has meant that Doria’s
classes have had to move online, resulting in
many more people worldwide discovering her
unique approach to naked yoga. The Naked Yoga
Effect is published at a time when more than ever,
the world needs us to learn to de-stress, and to
stay healthy and strong.
As her tattoo says, “My Life My Way.” – And you
absolutely believe that her naked yoga helps to
achieve that.
“The Naked Yoga Effect by Doria Gani”
Aurora Metro, 1. May 2021, Euro 19,39
Royal Paperback (234 x 156mm)
ISBN: 9781913641115
Doria Gani is a Naked Yoga teacher and an ambassador for body positivity. She started practicing yoga in 2010, as a form of rehabilitation after
fighting cervical cancer. From that beginners’
class, she found that the clear, mindful asana instructions improved her memory, spatial relations,
focus, and sense of connectedness with her mind
and body.
On a greater scale, the daily practice showed her
the value of acting deliberately. Yoga was the
key to her recovery and transformation, and now
she lives her life with a greater sense of purpose
and intention. Now qualified as a yoga teacher
in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket Yoga, Yin, Mandala,
and principles of Ayurveda and Shamanism, Doria
teaches Naked Yoga classes online as well as all
around the world.