Photo of Jean Peters in the margins of the Luxembourg congressThe famous painter Salvador Dali once said: “Farewell is the birth of memory”. I may extend this quote and say
that this farewell is also the start of a new phase in Jean Peters’ life. He once said a sentence that is very valuable to me:
„I always wanted to leave traces, not dust“.
That impressed me very much. And, of course, he did leave traces.
Jean has done his various jobs with great sensitivity, whether it was translating, writing circulars to the
federations, or editing the website, he strengthened the relationship with the federations and was available almost 24 hours a day for all questions and assistances.
He knew that he could rely on the ladies in the office, and he had colleagues in the CC who appreciated and supported him.
Jean worked for the INF-FNI for more that thirteen years, first as EuNat Secretary and from 2014 as Vice-President/Secretary in the CC.
We say goodbye to a man who can be sure of our respect and appreciation. We wish Jean happiness, health,
and contentment. Thank you for having been an example of energy, fairness, and sense of responsibility for so
many years as an employee.
The whole CC team and the office staff Mireille and Simone would like to thank you for your work as Secretary and Vice-President of the INF-FNI. Thank you for all your time, your effort, your help, and your friendship!
Together with all your colleagues, you have kept the
INF-FNI functioning over the past years.