I have been a Naturist for more than forty years. Like
many of us, I started being a Nudist, going to beaches
where people felt free and shared nakedness while
swimming and sunbathing. For me it was a big step
because of the sequelae of Polio, my body is kind of
irregular and I am wearing several scares, which I call
my war medals.
Soon I started to understand the benefits of nudism, not
only for the freedom but also for the egalitarian feeling
one gets when surrounded by different naked bodies,
with different shapes, sizes and colours. Naked, we are
all the same and only our natural individualities difference us.
Soon I started to study about the Philosophy accompanying Naturism, starting in India in 1891 and then
developing in the United Kingdom amongst other places
around the world. The more I learnt about it, the more I
liked it and the more I got involved. I started to practice the whole ethos of the philosophy,
living naked all the time at home, Summer or Winter,
Spring or Fall.
I started to understand the importance and relevance of
following the Natural Laws of our Mother Earth. To live
under the premises of caring about the environment and
all beings on the planet from an equal perspective. We
are all here for a purpose and we are all equally entitled
to our rights to be kept and defended.
It took several years to reach the point where I am now:
A Naturist, Vegetarian, Environmentalist, Animalist and
Plasticist who will fight to defend Human, Animal and
Planet rights till the end of his life, as well as to defend
the most sustainable and egalitarian philosophy there is
and specially spreading its benefits amongst the disabled community (INF-FNI Focus December 13/62/2021)
Unfortunately, every day more
and more, the ethos of this
balanced and liberating
philosophy is broken with
the introduction of confusing
concepts and allowing the textile
norm to invade our spaces.
Naturism and Nudism are not the same. The first is a
philosophy of life, the latter, a shared activity with no
clothes. All Naturist are nudist by default because they
live and manage their activities naked but, a nudist is
not always a naturist and there, the problem starts when
mixing concepts attending Naturist places.
Last May I attended a meeting of a Naturist Federation
at a famous and fabulous Naturist camp. I was sincerely
horrified when, on the first activity offered by the resort, only I and other 4 or 5 people of almost 100 (figurative but close number) were naked, the rest were dressed.
some even with coats. It was May and the cold was not
that at all, a bit fresh yes but not cold.
I enquired and complained because I felt the whole
ethos of the Naturist ideology had been corrupted and,
the worst part was that when I complaint, everybody
seemed to be OK with the idea of being dressed, or
with he rule to have to wear some clothes at the indoor
I really think things are getting out of hand in this matter. If you are a Naturist and go to a Naturist resort (at
least on its denomination) one expects to mingle with
people alike, who share the same principles of life. To be
a Naturist it is not compulsory to be a Vegan but it is to
live according to and respecting nature, maintaining a
sustainable life in harmony with the planet and respecting the essential rules of Naturism, one and most
important, to live naked, specially in places reserved for
that purpose.
Textilizing Naturism breaks the concept of equality
completely. That freedom of being amongst people
without knowing their wealth or social status that textile
items show.
I have had several conversations with many Nudists
(have not found many pure Naturists in Spain yet and
not even within the different Federations) and I can
understand but not share their point of view.
I agree that each one has to be as they are, but I would
like it to be understood that the textile norm breaks
the equality of the naturist philosophy because differentiation of social stratum and life is made with the
different brand of clothes which begins to mark the
difference of society status, of purchasing power and
even of origin and type of life while, the naked body is
what it is with its specific differences of each individual person but without differentiation of anything social,
material or external I have participated in the naturist
philosophy for forty years and I have seen the deterioration of it that is being done with the permissiveness
of textiles and closet naturism that wants to show
the face but not at the same time as the genitals. The
same excuses that are used to hide homosexuality or
any other minority diversities in our society.
I was told that the suffix -ist is exclusive but I always
reply that if you belong to an -ist group it is for a
specific reason, and that is to maintain the rules and
ethos of the group.
So, I am begging all federations, resorts and groups to
consider what they really are and take measures no to
allow the textile world to take over and ruin the most
sustainable and egalitarian philosophy there is.
There are real Naturist places where textiles are not
allowed but on some exceptional circumstances.
If you attend a Naturist place you should live naked all
time and lead a normal life without clothes all the time.
If you are cold, choose another season to go or join
indoor naturist groups somewhere else. There are
plenty of groups that do them all over the world.
No more textile allowed on Naturist locations, please.
Let´s safe our philosophy of life from the hypocrite
social morals.
Nacho Torre Marín Comas
Member of ADN und ANVA Spain