Traditionally, the swim gala of the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) is a great festival. People meet each other. They match themselves in sports competitions. At the evening feast the fights for swim times and medals turn into a lively together. Good food, harmonious music and animated dancing ensure that strangers at least once become good friends. At the latest when departing, naturists from all over Europe embrace themselves and assure each other to come back next year to the INF-FNI swim gala. Wherever it will take place.

That way the INF-FNI swim gala always is a place for good news. Unfortunately, at this year’s eliminations rather bad news could be heard. Dissatisfaction had spread when it became clear that the gala evening would be a colourful cocktail party – instead of a banquet with a fine dress and an elegant suit. In addition: the naturists of the “Association des Naturistes de Paris” (ANP) had finger food to be served – instead of a fillet on vegetables with lemon sauce.

The naturists from many European countries did not like this. The expectations definitely were different. The way, how with limited (financial) possibilities the naturists of the ANP had used a large scope of conceptions did leave a low impression. It was not only that the finger food was of excellent quality, they mastered the additional program of the gala evening by their own means. A federation should once try to do the same!

Because the music band had consisted of naturists from Paris. Likewise, later in the evening they took the disc jockey out of their own ranks. A creative naturist parodied the European everyday life with different dresses. A special delight: the naturist Chaplin conjuring balloon figures.

It became clear at this year’s INF-FNI swim gala that there is completely different naturism among the European naturists. For most of them, being nude is a way of life that shall be lived out permanently. The swim competition is just another opportunity to live nudity. The Olympic idea is in the foreground.

The focus of the German Naturist Federation (DFK) on the sports competition was striking most of the naturists. This is not just about the fact that the DFK is a member of the National Olympic Committee. In Germany, elimination competitions take place by which the athletes qualify for the INF-FNI swim gala. A much higher level of athleticism and a pronounced will to win medals are the consequences. Naturists from all over Europe were annoyed when the German sportsmen and sportswomen slipped on a bathrobe or a T-shirt immediately after getting out of the pool.

Many naturists from all over the world simply do not care whether they are photographed in Adam’s or Eve’s costume. Being nude is part of their everyday life. And so is being photographed. Therefore it irritates most of them when being filmed or photographed becomes a problem.

This shows that there are many misunderstandings among Europe’s naturists. It does not make sense to remove this away. This must be understood from the very different histories of national naturism. For that reason it makes sense to meet each other with respect and to reconsider one’s own attitude at one or another point. Reacting to misunderstandings with outrage does not make sense.
After all, the ANP naturists have done everything to make the INF-FNI swim gala a great feast. And it has somehow been a hint of history that the gala evening could take place at the headquarters of the French Communists at the Place du Colonel Fabien. For the very hard-boiled, there also was a naturist dinner in the “Chez Gab’s” in the Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.The INF-FNI swim gala 2019 now is history. The European naturists should look ahead. And keep in mind especially one message: “United Colours od Naturism”.