Poster for 70th anniversary of the INF-FNI2023 marks 70 years since the official founding of the INF-FNI in 1953.  A special event will be held in September at Montalivet, the naturist resort in eastern France, to mark the event – read about it here.  Montalivet was the place where the original statutes were signed, and a monument at the site bears plaques commemorating the 40th and 60th anniversaries: we hope a new one will be added to mark another decade of the organisation.So it seemed a natural choice as the venue for this event.

A brief account if the history of the INF-FNI can be found here – it describes how naturism has its origins dating back to the 1800s; however it was not until the twentieth century that organised naturism began to flourish.  The INF-FNI was formed to bring nati

onal naturist federations – representing clubs and individual members – together from all around the globe.  Many lasting friendships across international borders have been generated as a result.  And the organisation continues to provide a platform for discussion of issues common to naturism worldwide: at the time of writing we are looking forward to a conference in Bonn on the subject of challenges to naturism.

A landmark anniversary of this kind presents an opportunity not only to look back at the achievements of the INF-FNI and the national federations in taking naturism into the twenty-first century, but also to look forward and think about the future.  So, alongside what will undoubtedly be a celebration of naturism, it is proposed that the event should have a more serious side.  Workshops will be held on subjects which might guide the organisation’s future direction. We already have a working group considering the INF-FNI’s membership structure and the way it is financed, and another considering possible reforms to the organisation’s governing documents.  These issues will most likely be discussed during the workshops, and other questions concerning how the INF-FNI works to achieve its aims may also be discussed.

Alongside this, it’s proposed to organise excursions.  Bordeaux and the surrounding area is well-known for its wine and its seafood, and we expect that there will be opportunities to sample both.

Naturists from all over the world are invited to the event.  We hope federation representatives will be there – but the event is also intended for individual members.  Our special event page explains how you can register and book accommodation.

Do, please, join us for this very special celebration of naturism!

Edwin Kilby
Vice-president, INF-FNI