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“Here contributions from all the federations can find their places. There is always a good opportunity to write common stories. Your opinion is important to us – this way discussions may start that are important among naturists. Don’t let yourselves being asked twice. We are available to you under:

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This is a presentation for naked documentary from: www.dalchowsverden.no DALCHOWS VERDEN, Aspestien 2, 1182 Oslo, Norway JAN DALCHOW, jan@dalchowsverden.no NAK-ED is a brand new documentary in 10 short episodes. We made it to counterbalance society and social media’s bias against [...]

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Sex and Naturism

Has the MeToo debate arrived at the naturist movement? Are we aware of the gender-sensitive questions that arise for naturists? As naturists, do we have to find answers to questions that we have shirked so far? I do believe that [...]

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Free Plastic Campaign

We start with the blog and we start with the protection of the environment! Participating in a seminar on the impact of plastic on our ecosystem on October 10th, I made some reflections: In 2015, plastic production worldwide was over [...]

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