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“Here contributions from all the federations can find their places. There is always a good opportunity to write common stories. Your opinion is important to us – this way discussions may start that are important among naturists. Don’t let yourselves being asked twice. We are available to you under:

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Naturism in France or Abroad?

Naturism is a widespread practice in France, but it is lived in places especially designed for this art of living. The infrastructures are thus of very good quality there. But you could also live your naturist passion elsewhere in Europe [...]

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Naturism in Luxembourg

Between ideas of freedom and fights against prejudice An idyllic spot in a forest near Luxembourg City. The exact location is known only to members, or possibly to dog owners whose four-legged friends like to retreat into the twilight of [...]

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This special 50 year celebration of AA (from Sunday 05/06/22 to Sunday 12/06/22) could be celebrated among members of 10 federationsꓽ ZDNS (Slovenia), FENHU (Hungary), DFK (Germany), NOS (Serbia), FEN (Spain), FENAIT (Italy), ÖNV (Austria), DNH (Croatia), FLN (Luxembourg), TNC [...]

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Why naturism can save our world

Source: https://zurueckzurnatuerlichkeit.wordpress.com Roman Lasota Naturism is a way of life that is here to stay as long as humanity exists. Well, precisely, the world needs more naturists. Let’s see why. 1. Society thinks our bodies are indecent and must be [...]

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The right to be naked

Thomas Lundy is the creator of the petition “Sta naakt toe in het openbaar zonder beperking” (Allow nudity in public without restriction), where he asks the Dutch parliament to delete article 430a of the criminal code. The article in question [...]

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Naturism in Novi Sad

On the river Danube, which inspired Johann Strauss Jr.to give the name to his famous Waltz „On the BeautifulBlue Danube“, two countries south of Vienna, at the1262nd kilometre to the mouth of the Danube, there isa lovely naturist beach, tucked [...]

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EuNat Meeting in Serbia

From 24th to 27th February, the delegates of several European naturist federations met in Belgrade for the 12th meeting of the European Commission of Naturism.We were very warmly welcomed by the Naturist Organisation of Serbia. Kindness, generosity and laughter were [...]

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Naturism? For sure!

No shy people please! Why Naturism shouldexperience a revival, especially among youngpeople, and what the sight of “leathery, flabby”buttocks can do for our own body feeling.The first time always costs a lot of overcoming.I still know how, suddenly, I felt [...]

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