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“Here contributions from all the federations can find their places. There is always a good opportunity to write common stories. Your opinion is important to us – this way discussions may start that are important among naturists. Don’t be asked twice! We are available to you under:

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50th International naturist swimming gala

From November 4th to 6th 2022, the 50th Anniversary Naturist Swimming Gala took place in Belgrade, Serbia, at the swimming pool of the „25. Maj – Milan Gale Muškatirović“ sports centre. More than 90 participants from 13 different naturist organisations [...]

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New Working group looking at membership and financing of INF-FNI

A new working group, set up to look at the membership and financing of the INF-FNI, will have its first meeting this month (January 2023). Christo Bothma, our Africa-Asia-Pacific assessor based in South Africa, is chairing the group. It has [...]

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To the cliffs or the mountains? No, to the Sonnensee in Hanover!

When you think of a carefree holiday at a campsite, you might think of great areas with big beaches by the sea or have the mountains in mind. The doesn't have any of that. Nevertheless, according to guest ratings, the [...]

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From November 4thto 6th2022, the 50thAnniversary Naturist Swimming Gala tookplace in Belgrade, Serbia, at the swimming pool of the "25. Maj – Milan Gale Muškatirović"sports centre. This year, members of the following naturist organisations participated:   - United Kingdom - [...]

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Hyperrealism at the Maillol Museum in Paris

The Paris Naturist Association (ANP), already well-known as the driving force behind the creation of the naturist park of ​​Paris in 2017 and the naturist museum visits of the Palais de Tokyo in 2018 and the Cinémathèque in 2020, collaborated [...]

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Gregers Moller steps down and is succeeded by two new officers

Our assessor for the non-European Federations, Gregers Moller, stepped down at the end of the World Congress in Luxembourg after eight years in the post. Gregers worked hard in this area, and brought a lot of energy to his post.  [...]

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Thank you, Jean Peters A Vice-President who has left his mark

The famous painter Salvador Dali once said: “Farewell is the birth of memory”. I may extend this quote and say that this farewell is also the start of a new phase in Jean Peters’ life. He once said a sentence [...]

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Nudist Club “Garden of Eden”, or What Really Happened in Paradise: A short story by Ronald W. Johnthaler

Gabriel! [1]) Where are you again, you good-for-nothing?" Gabriel, the archangel1), winced. It1) was just sitting comfortably in front of NUMBER 2, the big computer, playing an exciting simulation game. On the three-dimensional screen, the enemy satanic spaceships were just [...]

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