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Dear Friends of Naturism,

“Here contributions from all the federations can find their places. There is always a good opportunity to write common stories. Your opinion is important to us – this way discussions may start that are important among naturists. Don’t be asked twice! We are available to you under:

Please note that the views expressed on this page are not necessarily those of the INF-FNI.

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The history of Naturism ORPLID

A movement against prudery in the German Empire. Around 1900, sun worshippers, socialists and Germanic enthusiasts outraged the prudish empire with their nudity propaganda. Conservative society demanded high-necked, ankle-length clothing. But from 1910 onwards, more and more people resisted these [...]

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Image by dany003 from Pixabay From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August, the MNE (Association of Hungarian Naturists), celebrating its 40thAnniversary, affiliated with the FENHU (Federation of Naturists in Hungary), organised the INF-FNI Pétanque Tournament at the Oázis [...]

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GAMES WITHOUT BORDERS, Celebrating 50th Anniversary of ADA BOJANA, 2023

This Meeting took place in the beautiful sand beach surroundings of the Ada Bojana in Montenegro, organized by the NOS (Naturist Organization of Serbia) and sponsored by the INF (International Naturist Federation), from Sunday 18 to Sunday 25 of June. [...]

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The importance of supporting Naturist federations

For many decades, and in some parts of the world for over a century, people have been enjoying naturism.  They have come to understand the benefits to the mental and physical health of casting aside one’s clothes and getting closer [...]

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Good Times! British Naturism launches “Every Body” festival

British Naturism, one of the larger member federations of the INF-FNI, will soon launch its “Every Body” festival – a new event marketed as “a celebration of all things Naked”. It’s one of a number of events and other initiatives [...]

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This meeting took place from Sunday 04/06/23 to Sunday 11/06/23) with members of 9 federationsꓽ ZDNS (Slovenia), FENHU (Hungary), DFK (Germany), ÖNV (Austria), FEN (Spain), ANF (Australia), DNH (Croatia), TNC “Naturway” (Russia), UNS-SNU (Switzerland). We were very pleasantly surprised when [...]

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Should meetings of the INF-FNI and EuNat be held in the nude?

In March we enjoyed a very successful and well-managed meeting of EuNat – the European arm of the INF-FNI – in Bonn.  Some important discussions took place, including a very interesting conference on the main challenges to Naturism – and [...]

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The principles and purity of the naturist philosophy.

The topics are numerous, ranging from nutrition, hygiene, medicine, love of nature, plants and animals, non-violence, to reform and simplification of clothing and many other aspects of daily life. To name just two very topical issues: Energy conservation and waste [...]

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XVIII CongreNAT 18th Brazilian Naturist Congress, the fraternity congress

The eighteenth edition of the Brazilian Naturist Congress took place in the city of Guarapari, state of Espírito Santo, at Riacho das Pedras ranch, a beautiful property, very well-kept and structured. This has been the welcoming site that caught the [...]

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