Photo of Naturist and his dog on on a road on World Naturist DayA member based in Germany joins many others around the world in marking World Naturist Day 

Today is World Naturist Day. It was launched in 2006 by the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) and is intended to help publicise the naturist way of life. Together is much more fun: don’t hide your positive attitude towards naturism, but speak up and be open about it! This is the only way to make naturism more popular and better known. The naturist symbol also helps. Motivate others to try it out! Just tell one person!”, says today’s Facebook posting from GetNakedGermany e.V., which put me on the map.

As a member of the GetNakedGermany association and the INF, I took this day of remembrance and action as an opportunity to go for a long walk with my dog in an Adam costume.

My walk went from Mariahochheim, along the Erlensee and the Schwarzenbach, towards Gösslingen and back again.

On the way back to Rottweil it started to rain. It was 18°C. That’s when I had the idea of showing my dog some wild boar. I put him in every conceivable situation to get the natural instinct of a one-year-old young dog under control. I was still travelling naked in the car anyway. When I arrived at the wild boar enclosure car park, I saw that the paths were wet and muddy, with water up to my ankles in places. I could assume that hardly anyone would visit the game reserve in this weather. I wasn’t interested in meeting lots of other people. However, you have to expect that encounters can happen anywhere and at any time. To minimise such encounters, I looked for a walking path far away from towns and then in the forest near Dietingen.

In total, I encountered a head-shaker, a couple and a dog owner. I had a nice chat with the latter two about today’s World Naturist Day and naturism in general.

I saw four other people from a distance. From this distance, they could probably just make out that I was naked. I deliberately didn’t go in their direction and turned off.

Photo of naturist and his dog walking on a road on World Naturist Day

Then came the ranger, who kept following me at a distance in her off-road vehicle. She didn’t want to be approached by me. She called the police, and three of them came. I explained to the police car crew that today was Remembrance Day. They now want to pass the matter on to the local authority with the request that it should be punished as an administrative offence regarding a public nuisance. I objected that it was an administrative offence and that my nude walk was completely within the law.

This situation shows all the more that creating a healthy awareness of naturism and educating people about it is perhaps more important than ever. It is a piece of natural freedom that should be granted to everyone in public spaces as a human right.

Epilogue: I have repeatedly been on holiday in Denmark. In this country, nude bathing is allowed on all beaches unless it is expressly forbidden. There I lay on the beach and went into the water with other naked people, mixed with people in swimwear and women in burkinis on the same beach. It was all completely natural! That’s how it should be everywhere in the world.

Text and pictures courtesy of Dieter E. Albrecht, Rottweil, Germany