A new working group, set up to look at the membership and financing of the INF-FNI, will have its first
meeting this month (January 2023).
Christo Bothma, our Africa-Asia-Pacific assessor
based in South Africa, is chairing the group.
It has the following terms of reference:
“The working group will consider the membership
system, including how to bring new federations within
the INF-FNI’s embrace. This might include new forms
of membership and greater use of observer status.
It should also look at the financing of the organisation:
whether selling stamps remains the best way and,
if not, what other systems might be preferred.”
At the moment, the rules allow only national
Federations to be members of the INF-FNI, and
only one such federation from each country may be
recognised. Non-national groupings, and organisations representing several federations, are not eligible.
The rules concerning observers were relaxed after the
World Congress in 2021, so observers now have the
opportunity to speak, but not vote, at Congresses.
Other groups, including commercial entities such
as resorts, can become extraordinary members but
they need the permission of their national federation.
Individuals can also become extraordinary members
if they live in a country where there is no member
The organisation is financed through the sale of
INF-FNI stamps. Federations have to buy a number
of stamps equivalent to the number of members they
have at the end of every year, and each individual
member should carry a stamp on their national
membership card.
The working group will consider whether this system
needs to be modernized and what alternatives there
might be.
Christo has already asked the member federations for
their ideas and suggestions and will welcome input.
The working group was created following discussions
at the World Congress in Luxembourg in October 2022.
It is expected to report in time for the next Congress
planned for the autumn of 2024.
Any changes will require the agreement
of the member federations