Is there a neomatriarchy? Or does woman predominate in many sectors because it is superior to man? To answer the question, a brief analysis is necessary, given that the issue is very debated in the media today and therefore very topical.
As is known in the social structure of matriarchy, women are in a dominant position with respect to men. It is believed that this family institution has established itself in the past among the people dedicated to agriculture, while patriarchy predominated among those dedicated to pastoralism.

Sociology says that matriarchy, with its peculiar characteristics of power management by women, is an institution hypothesized by evolutionists of the nineteenth century which, however, has had no response in ethnographic and historical reality, apart from exceptions.
It was the evolutionist anthropologists of the nineteenth century (in particular the historian Johann Jakob Bachofen) to assume that in the initial stage of development of societies, in which there was a high rate of promiscuity, only the motherhood of the individual was certain. The uncertainty of being able to confidently attribute paternity would have placed the man in a subordinate position with respect to the woman, who would have played both the role of mother and head of the community.
An example of matriarchal society is the mythical Amazon and that of the divine figure of the Great Mother, examples which have exercised great interest in scholars of the neo-evolutionary school.
As for the Amazons, today it has been discovered, from archaeological finds, that this people, dominated by women, is to be placed in today’s Romania, this would also confirm their participation, in line with the Homeric tale, in the Trojan War.
Much as regards, however, the divine figure of the Great Mother, was today debunked the belief that this deity is part of myths and legends.
The finds in South America and Europe of stone statuettes depicting the Great Mother demonstrate the historical existence of this cult. In Italy there is a region that has revealed traces of the cult of the Mother Goddess, Sardinia, where the Nuragic civilization has revealed how deep and deep this cult was in the Neolithic period. And the Neolithic, in fact, is the period in which the cults of the “mother goddesses” were practiced all over the world.
Consequently, if he existed a matriarchy, there is now a neomatriarcato?
What I can say, and I speak personally, is that it cannot be denied that the presence of women in all the structures and ganglia of Western societies is massive.
Given the role of the mother, who affects 90% of the education of the child, you can see that since kindergarten the female presence is almost absolute, and then continue in elementary school with 80% of teachers, in middle school with 70% and in high school with 60%. We need to go to university to find a balance on the presence of male teachers in relation to female teachers.
This is not to say that ours is a matriarchal society (which, among other things, if it were, it would be a good thing), I only take note of an actual situation.
There is a small nation in Europe, born after the dissolution of the USSR, which is called the “republic of women”. This country is Latvia: until 2015 its president was a woman, she has female ministers (and even in Italy they are now different), newspaper editors, bank managers, important state and private companies, etc. In short, the nickname “republic of women” is not only relevant but also extremely applicable. (pertinent, but extremely apt because it photographs and summarizes in a clear concept for anyone, namely what is the degree of penetration of women in Latvian society.)

Africa also has its “black Latvia”.
Some time ago “Il Corriere della Sera” published an article on Rwanda, that is, of the country where at the top of the state, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies and large public and private companies there are countless women.
The world of entertainment, to take another example, is the most evident expression of female penetration at all levels: a host of models, tissue girls, presenters, dancers, singers, journalists, etc. work on television, who ended up with make male presence a minority. And this is not a negative, but a positive fact.
And if we then go into the world of work, regardless of the school mentioned above, we discover a predominance of women over men in terms of clerical duties. In post offices, banks and insurance companies, a majority of female presence cannot be missed. And not only that: today women also work once only for men: today women fly planes, tugs, icebreakers, drive buses, drive trains, maneuver excavators, are radar controllers, are scientists, etc.
Obviously, with these examples I do not want to say that all this is a sort of neomatriarchy, since I know very well that this is a discourse relating to equality with man, a discourse of equal job opportunities, equal dignity, etc., I mean that man today feels the breath on his neck of a global liberation of woman, a process which, according to sociologists and sexologists, would be the cause of today’s crisis of male identity.
Yes, perhaps it is not the advent of a new type of matriarchy, but the affirmation of a superiority of women that has been highlighted by the widespread diffusion of education at all levels, from which women have benefited and from which for centuries and centuries have been excluded.
Naturism also contributed, in its small way, to this process of liberating women.
For example, entering into the relationship between the sexes, naturism, due to the essential connotation of the nudity that characterizes it, makes the woman free from the fear of male aggression, which is naturally attenuated. This process of rebalancing the relationships between the sexes adds a new freedom to women to the freedoms already conquered.
As a result, the male also becomes free with the freedom of the woman. In naturism, woman-sex becomes woman-person again, and this is because in the naturist community man recognizes woman’s role and dignity, giving a new dimension to the man-woman relationship. Naturism is the only idea to have theorized and put into practice in their communities the relocation of women to society. (,and this is because the naturist idea starts from the premise of the need for a male re-education campaign.)
This is achieved with the continuous vision of one’s own nakedness, that of others and, above all, that of the woman.