Photo of Finalists in naturist volleyball competition

By Eric Stefanut

On Saturday 20 April, the first FFN indoor naturist beach volleyball tournament took place with the Paris Naturist Association and the support of the International Naturist Federation.

The genesis of this slightly crazy project was born in the mind of the FFN social networks communication manager, when he watched a report on YouTube about a beach volleyball session that had taken place in Canada.

The idea of organising it in the same year as the Paris Olympics made sense.

It enabled us to mobilise naturists during the “winter” period.

Especially as our glorious pioneers placed sport at the heart of naturism and many clubs offered this activity on their grounds, and continue to do so today.

Christiane Lecoq is said to have been a volleyball fan!

It was a great first for the FFN to organise this “indoor” event other than swimming competitions or museum visits (which are becoming more and more frequent).

As co-organisers, the Paris Naturist Association brought its experience and numerous volunteers to bear in managing the changing rooms, the co-management of the tournament with Pascal and the organisation of the evening dance… because yes, after the tournament, the evening dance was in full swing.

The federal office and members of the FFN Board took care of logistics, reception, the bar and the shop.

All the volunteers ensured the smooth running of the event, in a spirit of good humour and fun.

Group photo of briefing at naturist volleyball competition

The two co-presidents of the INF and members of the INF board were also present.

100 competitors from Canada, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Marseille, Paris, Auvergne, Nantes, Grenoble, etc. registered for the event.

50 companions and 30 volunteers completed the list. 180 people came together for one day at sand fabrik in Pantin, near Paris.

People registered as teams or individuals, and in the end there were two tables of 8 teams, one made up of “expert” teams and the other of “leisure” teams.

There were 16 teams in all, so 6 players for the ‘leisure’ teams and 4 players for the expert teams.

All the matches were self-supported in an excellent atmosphere.

Matches started at 11am and finished with the “expert” final at around 5pm.

Photo of scorer at volleyball competition

A Canada/France final of high quality and intensity, finally won by the Canadian team.

It’s worth noting that the finalist French team was made up of young volleyball players who weren’t originally naturists, but who had come for an original experience.

They assured us that they had an excellent day, that they were comfortable with nudity, and that they would like to come back in greater numbers next year if the FFN organizes an event of this kind.
next year if the FFN organised another event. (Illustrating the age-old question: how do you get young people into naturism? Answer: by organising this type of unusual event NDLR).

The evening was also a moment of conviviality with exchanges between the delegations and the dance was animated by a Dj-ette who was also dressed in naturist mode.

The organisers left the room late into the night, happy with this magnificent day.

Photo of volleyball welcome desk with FFN and INF flagThe many thanks from the participants inspired the organisers to work on a second edition for 2025, a second edition that many participants were asking for as they left.

We would like to thank the entire Sand Fabrik team for their availability and kindness.

The International Naturist Federation for its financial support, without which we would not have been able to organise this event.

Our goodies sponsor: Notoria

Our sandwich sponsors :

Credit Photos JLB/ Naturisme Magazine ; ES/FFN

We’re counting on all those involved in French naturism to join us next year so that we can do even better – holiday centres, federations of naturist holiday centres or others – don’t hesitate to contact the FFN to become a partner/sponsor of the 2025 event!