“Les Zamis Nat” is an association but, first and fore-most, a group of friends who often met up on a naturist beach to enjoy the sun and water where we shared our naturist values and chatted about our experiences. Some had grown up with naturism, while others had discovered it by a chance meeting or through simple curiosity.The idea to create our own association at the end of 2020 sprouted from this small group.Our Swiss-French cross-border association brings together naturists from both sides of a purely adminis-trative boundary but because the original founders and the most active members live in the Swiss canton of Valais, it was only natural that this is where the associa-tion elected to have its headquarters, where our presi-dent resides. It was also obvious to us all that the more numerous we were, the stronger we would be to defend our values.We were therefore eager to make ourselves known to the already existing associations. This goal was cemen-ted in 2021 with our official affiliation with the Swiss Naturist Union and our partnership with the French Federation of Naturism. Our credibility has grown!Alongside these partnerships, we are also constantly in search of political support to maintain and, if possible, officialise one or several naturist beaches in Switzer-land.Now strong with over 30 members, we are able to provi-de advice and support to those who are tempted by our lifestyle.Our values are respect, solidarity, and non-judgement, to live in harmony with nature and to practise fun, recreati-onal and sports activities in full nudity.