Naturism is a widespread practice in France, but it is
lived in places especially designed for this art of living.
The infrastructures are thus of very good quality there.
But you could also live your naturist passion elsewhere
in Europe and abroad. Spain and Germany are for example two naturist destinations of choice but not only.
If you seek a naturist camp-site which answers all
your needs and enables you to get closer to the nature,
France is one of the destinations of choice.
The Hexagon counts enough naturist villages distributed in the four corners of the territory, at the seaside
as well as in the full countryside. The FEN alone counts
30 campsites.
The country also proposes naturist beaches entirely
reserved for the amateurs of this art of living. It is thus
possible to feel completely at ease there, provided
that the delimitations of the naturist spaces are well
In Spain, to be naturist is rather common and it is not
rare to cross naked and dressed people on the same
beach. In the country, nudity in general is legal and
rather well tolerated, except in certain very touristic
cities like Barcelona or Las Palmas.
Officially, there are no naturist beaches in Spain, so you
won‘t find any signs marking the boundaries.
In Germany, nudity is far from being taboo and is even
quite anchored in the culture. For example, it is very
common to cross naked people in a sauna or a hammam, where it is rather the bathing suits which make
figure of exception. Also, in parks nudity is tolerated in
areas protected from passers-by.
Some European countries constitute naturist destinations of choice: apart from Germany or Spain, Greece,
Croatia or the south of Italy are also appreciated.
Elsewhere in the world, the practice of naturism is
more restricted but there are nevertheless spots of
choice. In Australia, the beach of Maslin Beach, in the
south of Adelaide, is for example a well-known corner.
In Brazil, some beaches are also authorized to
nudists, although the practice is less widespread
than one thinks.