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Did you know that in 1735 a French Geodesic Mission, sponsored by the Paris Academy of Sciences, came
here to measure an arc of the terrestrial meridian in order to determine the place through which the Equinoctial Line passes?

Yes! This is Ecuador. In this country we also practice naturism and we have four very pleasant natural climatic regions, Costa, Sierra, Oriente and Galapagos.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, we hike up to snowy peaks, go to hot spring pools in the mountains, pool days at country houses next to the city, walks to the Amazon enjoying rivers and lakes, as well as beaches and even in the wonderful Galapagos Islands.

Naturismo Ecuador in an organised way watches over the development of the practice since March 2016 and welcomes local and international people. The 8th Latin American Meeting of Naturism was held here in 2020. We are members of CLANAT (Latin American Naturism Commission), formerly known as CLANUD.  The name was changed following a consensus reached by all of our members to watch over the development of naturism as indicated by the International Naturist Federation.

Ecuadorian gastronomy is very natural, rich in fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood from healthy sources.

If you would like to visit us, just write to us. With groups of at least seven people, and preferably between the months of April to November, we can organise tours tailored to your group, where the main attraction is the practice of naturism in harmony with nature.

Our Contact is Mayte:
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