INF flag on pole against blue sky


  • A world where everyone can live in freedom, with or without clothing, with respect for each other and for the environment.
  • A world where the human right to be naked is protected and nudity, including social nudity, is accepted.
  • A world where naturism is practised in accordance with the INF definition of naturism.



Together with national federations, we promote naturism and its values internationally, working towards a world where naturism may be practised everywhere.


The INF-FNI aims to achieve its mission by:

  1. strengthening and supporting the work of the national naturist federations through
    • cooperation (exchange of knowhow, best practices, …)
    • consultation (finance, members, communication, data, organisation, …)
    • events (sport, social, festivals, culture and arts, fairs, …)
    • networking (congress, friendship, …)
  2. communicating the values of naturism by
    • promoting naturism as a philosophy and ideology
    • promoting naturism as a natural and more sustainable way of life
    • campaigning and lobbying towards establishment of a human right to be naked
    • promoting self-confidence and body-acceptance as part of naturism
    • working with authorities (governments, police, international bodies, environmental organisations, …)


  • professional public relations (press releases and responses to publications)
  • web and social media work
  1. building and maintaining relationships with other bodies and being an international partner in the support of naturism



Proposal by

Martin Van den Dries, Gregers Moller, Laurent Luft, SönkeReise and Edwin Kilby

December 7th 2021