“I hope that the strength of the Community will be felt”
EU-Assessor Christoph Müller about the INF-FNI-visions

In 2018, there was a first determination of the naturists, which was reflected in the INF FNI- visions. The current EU Assessor of the International Naturists Federation (INF-FNI), Christoph Müller, has taken the baton to shape the INF-FNI visions. In a short interview, he explains what the road to the World Naturists Congress in September 2020 in Slovenia will look like.

What sense do the INF-FNI visions make?
The INF FNI visions are part of a terms of reference described by the INF-FNI Central Committee for itself. With the INF-FNI visions, the organized naturists want to set themselves up for the future. The present is experiencing numerous upheavals. In this context, naturism, as a living standard of life, is subject to hostility and questioning. That’s why it makes sense to make sure of oneself.

Who is responsible for the formulation and design?
I took the lead as an EU assessor of the INF-FNI. It is a great honor for me to be able to bear this responsibility. At the last meeting of the INF-FNI Central Committee, it was decided that in the period leading up to the next World Naturists Congress, I would repeatedly give a first substantive input, which then goes to the members of the INF- FNI Central Committee. The CC members complement the impulses. After further fine-tuning, the national federations have the opportunity to give their opinion or to make alternative proposals. Ultimately, Slovenia is seeking a majority decision.

What are the difficulties with such a paper?
As a project manager, I am aware that numerous federations use the same terms, but do not necessarily mean the same. The Naturist federations have different historical developments and traditions, different social contexts. That’s why it’s about finding a common language. In science, you might be talking about a cultural rift. That’s why I see my job as a moderator and bridge builder.

What will be the most important statement for you?
From today’s point of view, I cannot answer this unequivocally. My goal is to give the naturist movement a piece of self-image. The INF-FNI visions will certainly have a general character in many places. Nevertheless, I hope that the power of the common movement will be felt. The national federations and the numerous local clubs can use the INF-FNI visions as a basis for deriving many explicit terms. Accordingly, I look forward to the harvest we are taking in two or three years, because we can hopefully see that our effort is valuable.