Photo of titles from A la nature film documentaryÀ LA NATURE – A HUNGARIAN DOCUMENTARY ABOUT NATURISM IS IN THE MAKING

Two Hungarian naturist film makers have embarked on an ambitious project. Almost a year ago they started shooting a documentary with the aim of introducing the naturist lifestyle to a wider audience. Having experienced suspicion and antagonism amongst their acquaintances, it has become their explicit aim to try to dispel the misconceptions and prejudices surrounding naturism that are especially widespread in their home country. In the creative documentary featuring elements of humour and fiction, a young stand-up female comedian sets off to explore the country’s official camp sites that have been in operation for years (Délegyháza, Sziksósfürdő, Balatonberény) and also some naturist events. She takes part in a naked hike, a carnival, a Santa Claus event, a sports day, an art camp, a motor bike day, and many other interesting programmes. Since the directors are naturists themselves, to be able to blend in and also to win the trust of their characters, most of the time they did the shootings unclothed.

Photo of filming seated naturists for documentaryPhoto of nude women with lighting effectsMaybe that is why the initial suspicion soon gave way to enthusiasm, and they found more and more people willing to give an interview, and finally, not only many individuals but every Hungarian naturist camp site and naturist organisation, as well as the Federation of Naturists in Hungary started backing the film, moreover, having seen the trailer, even the INF has offered its financial support for the production.

In the documentary, the directors examine our present relationship to the human body in today’s era loaded with confused, distorted communication, when a healthy body image is persistently under siege by social media and the world of fashion, while we almost never see a natural unclothed human.

Photo of cameraman with naturists in the distance

The film makers started to work on the script at the end of 2022. Shooting started in the summer of 2023, and is expected to finish this autumn, while post production work could last until the beginning of 2025. Hopefully, the film will reach a wide audience, and thanks to its light tone, it may help win over even the recently ever seldom seen younger

generation to try this lifestyle. When the filmmakers started fundraising, in addition to the Hungarian associations and organisations, a lot of naturist individuals supported the film. Since the budget is still not fully covered for the post production, contributions (however small) are still welcome: IBAN: HU02 1160 0006 0000 0000 2235 2185 SWIFT: GIBAHUHB

Text and pictures courtesy of FENHU