Picture of Gregers MollerOur assessor for the non-European Federations, Gregers Moller, stepped down at the end of the World Congress in Luxembourg after eight years in the post.

Gregers worked hard in this area, and brought a lot of energy to his post.  Alongside his work in keeping in contact with Federations spread around the world, Gregers carried out a great deal of preliminary work on the mission and vision of the INF-FNI, which greatly assisted the decision to adopt a new Mission and Vision statement at the Luxembourg meeting.  He also brought forward an imaginative proposal to enhance the purpose of membership cards, so they became “smart cards”.

In other work, Gregers identified areas of the statutes of the INF-FNI which needed adjustment; this led to the setting up of a working group to review the statutes and rules.

Keeping in contact with Federations in the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region was challenging, even for somebody with the energy Gregers brought to the post, because of the distance involved and the different time zones.  For that reason, Gregers proposed that his post be split – a proposal that was agreed by the Federations during the Luxembourg congress.

He has been succeeded by two new officials.  Gustavo de la Garza (Mexico) becomes Assessor for the Americas, and Christo Bothma (South Africa) covers Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

We thank Gregers for his efforts and his hard work in the Central Committee.