Naturists on boat tripThis Meeting took place in the beautiful sand beach surroundings of the Ada Bojana in Montenegro, organized by the NOS (Naturist Organization of Serbia) and sponsored by the INF (International Naturist Federation), from Sunday 18 to Sunday 25 of June.

The Naturist Resort Ada Bojana is located in the naturist River-Sea Island Ada Bojana. The hotel complex is on the southwest side of the island. The Naturist Delta of Bojana is situated 15km away from Ulcinj, which means Dulcinea, the main female character of the notable novel Don Quijote by Miguel de Cervantes. Although Ada is in the Mediterranean region, its dominant climate is subtropical.

On Sunday 18, we had the first Meeting of Participants to decide formation of teams which consists of 6 members of mixed genders.

Naturists in the seaOn Monday 19, we started with the first series of the Games: 1. Collectors, 2. Throwing a stone from the shoulder, 3. Ball in the Tunnel; having much fun accompanied by a good weather.

On Tuesday 20, Tour by the Ulcinj Riviera, Sailing on boat towards Ulcinj.

After dinner, Maja, from Slovenian Naturist Federation, gave a talk about her organization. And the president of the Serbian Naturist Club Kamenjar in Novi Sad, gave another. This night we had Fun evening of Karaoke show Competition. Besides the job of DJ for the event, Goran started the singing to encourage the public to participate; many people participated in various languages: Slovenian, Serbian, English, Spanish, etc.

On Wednesday 21, we continued with the rest of the Games on the beach: 4. Water obstacle course racing, 5. Naked relay.

After dinner, we had an INF Federative Meeting: starting with “The 70th Anniversary of the INF”, by Goran, which contributed to bring the ordinary members closer to the INF; followed by the screening of one of the Videoclips of the Southern Europe Family Meeting to promote this event which will occur, as usual, in the Portús, Cartagena, Spain, from Friday 22 to Saturday 30 of September this year.

On Thursday 22, we went to visit the very touristic coastal city of Ulcinj worth sightseeing, with a stop in the Salt Mine in Donji Štoj by bus.

On Friday 23, we had a second boat Trip around the delta of Bojana including the skinny dipping from the boat to the beach. The day ended with the Closing Ceremony with the participation of the kind manager of the Resort.

Ariel view of Aja Bojana areaFour Federations: ZDNS (Slovenian Naturist Federation), NOS (Naturist Organization of Serbia), FEN (Spanish Naturist Federation) and ANF (Australian Naturist Federation); containing 11 Nationalities: Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Montenegro, Italy, Hungary, Australia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Ecuador and Korea.

Every participant had lots of fun and learned a lot from each other, creating bonds of friendship in a wonderful natural environment. The long journey was worthwhile!

Sports officer of the EuNatCom (INF),

Sook-hwa Noh