We start with the blog and we start with the protection of the environment!

Participating in a seminar on the impact of plastic on our ecosystem on October 10th, I made some reflections:

  • In 2015, plastic production worldwide was over 320 million tonnes
  • The plastic that enters the oceans from rivers is 1.2-12.4 million tons
  • 80-90 years are required to clean and renew the water
  • 80% of sea turtles ingest plastic waste because it resembles their natural food (e.g. jellyfish) risking death


Primary microplastics

They are smaller than 5 mm and are located within industrial or domestic products (e.g. facial scrubs, toothpaste)


Secondary microplastics

Larger plastic waste that over time fragments into smaller particles, by the action of the weather, until they become microplastics.

The microplastics found in the Mediterranean in predatory pelagic fish, deep-sea fish, commercial species and mussels.

The chances of corals being infected with pathogens and getting sick increases by 89% when they come into contact with plastic debris.

For this reason I thought that we Naturists still have to do something, in our small, in order to reduce the use of plastic in our resorts and in our events.

The campaign #FREE PLASTIC in our movement, for example together with the INF-FNI certification also a Sticker in which it is guaranteed that in addition to being sure that you attend a place where Naturis values are respected, there is also a particular attention to use objects with little plastic impact, preferring objects of eco, organic or natural materials.