From 24th to 27th February, the delegates of several European naturist federations met in Belgrade for the 12th meeting of the European Commission of Naturism.We were very warmly welcomed by the Naturist Organisation of Serbia. Kindness, generosity and laughter were the weekend’s themes. We visited the city of Belgrade and its emblematic sites as well as naturist locations in and around Belgrade (sauna, beach) and in Novi Sad, where the members of the association, which occupies the naturist beach on the Danube welcomes us with delicious homemade treats. We then went on to visit the world class spa complex, Hotel Fruske Terme.The meeting was chaired by Armand Céolin, the exitingEuNat secretary, assisted by his sports officer Sook-Hwa Noh. Also present were the members of the Executive Committee of the International Naturist Federation, the president Sieglinde Ivo, the co-president Stéphane Deschênes, the treasurer Dominique Dufour and the secretary Jean Peters. The youth officer, Daniela Schleicher, was sadly absent.EuNat is the organisation behind the big annual events like the youth meeting, Alpe-Adria, the pétanque competition, the Northern and Southern European gatherings, and the international swimming gala. We talked about the success of these events in 2021 in spite of the pan-demic and we agreed on the budgets for those to come, where we hope to see an increase in attendance. All of these events are open to naturists from all over the world. For dates and information, please check out the federation’s website:

Laurent Luft

Europe Assessor