I feel humble to have been trusted by the Federations making up the INF-FNI to serve as the Vice-President and I hope I can live up to everyone’s expectations.  I’m writing this just a few days after the election.  I know I have a lot to learn and big shoes to fill.

I first began enjoying Naturism at a club in north London sometime in the 1980s, and soon afterwards my partner and I discovered our shared enjoyment of Naturism onnude beaches in the Greek Islands during our many holidays there.  I joined British Naturism in 1990.

Until early 2016 I worked on European and international affairs in a UK government department.  I am a passionate internationalist, and I believe strongly in the need for interest groups in different countries, including Naturists, to work together for the common good.

That’s why I became so interested in the INF-FNI.  In 2018 I became British Naturism’s International Director, largely so I could learn more about the INF-FNI and work with other Naturists from around the world.

I firmly believe in the INF-FNI’s aims, but I think we can do more together.  The 2022 meeting of the INF-FNI’s World Congress took some important decisions which will help our organisation become even more visible and effective.  For example, it adopted a new and ambitious mission and vision statement, and it decided to launch a series of international conferences on matters affecting Naturism worldwide.

It also agreed to examine its rules for membership so we can see how best to bring more Naturist voices within the organisation’s embrace.  I hope we can attract new members from parts of the world where Naturism is developing actively, such as Latin America.  And I hope we can also reach out to those federations who have left recently and encourage them to return to their rightful places within our worldwide Naturist family.

That would help the INF-FNI become more globally representative.  That’s important, because by strengthening our membership we also strengthen our voice.  We will become better placed than ever to work with the Naturist federations to promote Naturism as a popular and healthy lifestyle and philosophy.

The 2022 Congress was an excellent meeting which I thought demonstrated a renewed determination among the Naturist federations to work together towards our common goals.  This can give us new confidence as an organisation.

I’m looking forward to working as a team with the other members of the Central Committee. As the INF-FNI looks forward to marking its 70th anniversary in 2023, it’s a really exciting time to be involved.