Photo of nude woman swimming at Koversada

© 2007 Maistra d.d., Rovinj;Arch 2007 published by CCN-images

 On this day 45 years ago (1979). G. ) in Latvia, one of the then Soviet republics and Eastern bloc, a few naturists managed to register the first “Latvian nudist society” in a communist regime after many years of attempts. The society was initiated by a number of sympathisers, inspired by the naturist camp “Koversada” in Vrsar, better known for the organisation of the FIRST “World Congress of Naturists” in a then socialist country. They wrote about this precedent as a curiosity for the Western world in 1972, as did all the famous world media. Over a hundred journalists reported from Vrsar. This is how the news fascinated Letonka. It was only seven years later that the first “Latvian nudist society” was registered and it sat on Incupe beach near Riga and still exists today. One of the arguments used by the then pro-Russian administration in Riga was that there was a legal naturist camp, place and society in another socialist country (then Yugoslavia, which was not part of the Eastern Bloc) in the town of Vrsar that the socialist authorities tolerated.

Thus, a Croatian camp fifty years ago served as an additional example and argument in favour of changing the bureaucratic rules and limits of physical freedom in the then USSR. And as Mark Twain said: “The hardest utopias happen when the things you want to achieve coincide with the right things”! And here it happened, and today, after fifty years, regardless of the social arrangements, both institutions turned out to be real. The naturist society in Riga and the camp in Vrsar are still sailing full sail with their cult of the free body in harmony with nature! 🙃❤️


Jerko Sladoljev