Hi, I am Christo Bothma, 58 year old Male and current President of South African National Naturist Association(SANNA).

My wife and I stated practising Naturism almost 18 years ago. She arranged a weekend away on our 22nd wedding anniversary to visit the Suneden Naturist resort for the first time.

I was not so active in Naturism until 2014 when I was part of the group to establish a new sub association in one of our provinces.

I became the chairman of the sub Association in Kwa-Zulu Natal and then I started getting active in the management of Naturism in South Africa. In 2018 I became the President of SANNA and had the privilege to attend the 36th INF World Congress in Portugal. This was a very nice experience and to meet all the delegates from all over the world and the INF CC. I got first hand experience of how the INF as working and how everything came together for Naturism world wide.

Naturism in South Africa is growing especially after the Covid pandemic. We saw an increase in our membership numbers. We contribute it to the fact that people have tried Naturism at Home during lockdown and found it liberating.

I am very privileged to have been nominated and appointed as Assessor for Africa/Asia/Pacific region. My main objective in this role is to get all federations in this region to work together more closely in terms of Naturist/Nude activities and set dates for Naturist activities like World Naked Gardening day and Naturist/Nude day. This will be because we are mostly in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are different to the Northern hemisphere. (Europe). I also need to start quarterly meetings  to encourage communication and to build membership numbers as well as assist in new Federations being established in African countries.This is but a few items that I need to address and build on to promote Naturism in the Africa/Asia/Pacific region.

I am looking forward to work closely with the INF CC and other federations world wide. Communication is key to improve relations with other federations and learn from one another therefor it is one of my main objectives to improve communication.