This is the invitation extended to all French people
by the French Federation of Naturism, to encoura-
ge them to accept their bodies and their nudity.
For this purpose, the FFN is launching a natio-
nal campaign against human body shaming on
May 27th 2021. It is clear that the relationship our
fellow citizens have with the naked body is kept
hidden under a tightly closed lid, imposed by the
diktats of society on the human body, particularly
that of women, which hasn’t stopped increasing
over the years! There is no shortage of demands
to conform to the criteria of beauty and corpulen-
ce…constraining and unattainable standards impo-
sed by the fashion, advertising and pornography
industries. So, who is better placed than naturists
to talk about the human body and nudity, the be-
nefits and the resulting social interactions?
Today, social media like Facebook buckle purely
through commercial interest to the demands of
religious fundamentalists in staunch opposition
(extreme prudishness and the separation of gen-
ders set up as dogmas), injunctions assimilating
all forms of nudity (protesting, artistic, naturist of
philosophic) and pornography. People are dispos-
sessed of their own bodies, which become the
symbol of today’s consumerism, used as a display
for merchandise or an object of desire.
On the other extreme, we have to hide our bodies
– this “object of lust” subject to religious taboos
and interdictions related to sexuality.
The human body and simple nudity find themsel-
ves banned from the city, prosecuted, attacked.
These paradoxical injunctions lead to numerous
psychoses and / or neuroses. Very many peop-
le are lost, no longer love their bodies and lose
self-confidence, resulting in anorexia or bulimia,
depression, frustration and other pathologies.
We asked photographer Tamara Hauvuy to photo-
graph naturists and non-naturists, of all morpholo-
gies, skin colours, age, with or without tattoos and
piercings, etc., in order to show real body diversi-
ty. The result is startling: photos showing different

physiques as they are, in all simplicity, natural and
beautiful in essence.
Behind the hashtags
the FFN tackles one of society’s big evils, one of
the most frustrating, the one which strips us of
our personal integrity, the reason that many feel
the need to hide their bodies because they are
different, far from the norm, pointed at, judged,
mistreated, abused: Body shame!
By offering a different look at nudity, far from the
conveyed taboos, far from the sexuality that is
attributed to it, this campaign gives strength to all
those who have lost hope and self-confidence. To
assume our bodies and our nakedness is to disco-
ver ourselves, to flourish, to love ourselves as we
are, it is to be ourselves naturally.
Through the posters and images of the #Stopbo-
dyshaming campaign, the FFN is making waves,
opening a debate, creating dialogue, questioning
the media, questioning consumer society, challen-
ging people’s inner conscience. Fighting against
the shame of the human body and promoting
healthy and natural nudity are battles that natu-
rism confronts on a daily basis. The definition of
naturism is there to remind us: „Naturism is a way
of living in harmony with nature, characterised by
the practice of nudity in common, which aims to
promote self-respect, respect of others and that
of the environment”. Respect, non-judgement of
physical appearance and freedom of the human
body, are values that guide us as naturists.
The photos will be presented on May 27th 2021
at the Galerie Joseph, rue Charlot in the centre of
Paris before going on tour across naturist spaces,
galleries, exhibition halls, municipalities, festi-
vals… So many engagements that, from May 2021,
will multiply across the four corners of France and
why not beyond. One objective:
to give back meaning and esteem to our bodies
with their differences, in mutual respect, without
prejudice or judgement, in order to thwart the
injunctions of a society that forgets to love itself
as it is, ALL NAKED!
Let’s show that body shaming has no reason to
exist and that we can and must resist these
oppressions, that it is important it is to emancipa-
te and free ourselves from it, in order to be able
to live happily and fulfilled with a Body Positive
Find all the images and posters of the
#stopbodyshaming campaign on the site:
(only in french)
Julien Claudé-Pén