Some benefits of naturism briefly summarized

n today’s society where sex and nudity are used to
sell products, casual nakedness is frowned upon,

and in most cases, you can even be prosecuted. It

is therefore no wonder that naturism is perceived

differently in the society, and not in a way that is

positive. However, contrary to what most people

think, nudism is anything but a sexual lifestyle, and

most people who engage in this lifestyle do it to

feel free.

Being naked socially also offers an alternative so

lution to most of the problems that people face in

their day-to-day lives, and it brings with it a myriad

of benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits

of naturism:

1. Exposure to sunlight helps to

improve the health of the body

One of the main benefits of naturism is that it ex

poses your body to the sun, which brings about

a lot of health benefits. Exposure to the sun helps

to boost the production of vitamin D in the body,

which has been shown to be beneficial in preven

ting diseases such as rickets, arthritis, diabetes,

osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and some

forms of cancer.

In addition to improving the physical health of the

body, exposure to sunlight also helps to improve

mental health; sunbathing naked helps to promote

an overall feeling of well-being in your body, which

can help to lift your moods.

2. naturism acts as a therapy

Naturism has been shown to have therapeutic be

nefits, which can help soothe most of the problems

you face in your day-to-day life. The lifestyle is

very sensual and it creates a feeling of well-being,

„Benefits Of Naturism“

which helps to invigorate your body. The feeling of

euphoria that comes with being totally naked also

helps in the treatment of mental health issues such

as stress, anxiety, and depression.

In addition, naturism acts as a form of massage

where the skin is stimulated, which helps detoxify

the lymphatic system and improve the circulation of

blood in the body.

3. it helps people accept

theirs bodies

Most people live with the constant fear that their

body is not good enough. This is especially the case

with women, who are made to feel inferior if their

bodies do not match the ideal body images shown

in fashion magazines. For example, most women

will feel inferior if they perceive that their breasts

are too small or too large, or if their bodies are too

thin or too large. As a result, people are always un

der pressure to live up to the mythical ideal image,

and use clothes as a way of hiding their feelings of


Naturism helps to avoid this, by helping people to

understand that their self-perceived body imper

fections are nothing more than a confirmation of

the diversity of human bodies. This helps people to

accept their bodies, and respect those of the others.

4 .it helps to improve self-esteem

Clothes are used by the society as an indicator of

social status, which can lead to feelings of supe

riority and inferiority. In a naturism lifestyle, once

people remove their clothes, everyone is conside

red an equal and very little attention is paid to the

social status. In addition, the feeling of euphoria

that comes with exposing your body to nature

helps to boost your confidence, which is a major

boost to your self-esteem.

Some benefits of naturism briefly summarized

5. it helps to promote tolerant views

Due to the diversity that exists in most societies

today, intolerance is a major issue. People who are

viewed as different are thus subjected to prejudices

by the society. Naturism advocates for self-respect

and respect for others, which helps to promote

tolerance in the society. This can be supported

by a study conducted by the University of Central

Florida, which showed that students who were

supported nudist lifestyle showed more tolerance

to people of gays, lesbians and people of different

religious groups. The participants of the study also

showed less prejudice to people of different ethni


6. financial and time benefits

Clothes are a huge expense, and people all over

the world spend billions of dollars annually on

them. In addition to the financial cost, people

spend hours while shopping, doing laundry, and

a lot of time wondering what to wear in order to

fit the “ideal” body image conveyed in the media.

Naturism helps to lift this burden, and people who

engage in it can divert the money and time spent

on clothing for other more useful purposes.

7. freedom

Naturism is a liberating lifestyle that gives you a

great sense of freedom when you remove your

clothes and expose yourself to nature. Being naked

is more comfortable, and it allows you to enjoy

activities such as sunbathing and swimming more.

Being naked also removes the restrictions placed

on your body by the clothing, which makes it ea

sier and more enjoyable when moving around and

performing various activities.

In addition to giving your body freedom, nudism

also gives you freedom from the various entrap

ments that exist in the society. According to Paul

Ableman, naturism symbolizes the “taking off” of

civilization and the various constraints that it co

mes with.

8. it allows you to socialize with other like minded people

In addition to the health benefits of naturism, the

lifestyle provides a safe and free environment

where people can socialize with other like-minded

people. There are several naturist clubs where with

facilities such as accommodation, spas, saunas and

swimming pools where people can relax and so

cialize with each other. Naturism is thus a lifestyle

where people who share the same ideologies can

relax, and engage in several activities together.

9.  it can promote healthy relastioships between couples

According to a recent survey that was conducted

on naturism, most people joined the lifestyle be

cause their partner was interested in. The lifestyle

helps people to accept their bodies, and it has been

shown to promote healthier sexuality, which can

help to strengthen the relationship between coup

les. It also provides a safe place where couples

can spend quality time together and share their

thoughts, feelings and desires. The acceptance of

one’s body also helps to boost confidence, self-

esteem, as well as break down various barriers that

can hinder fulfilment in a relationship. In addition,

naturism promotes honest communication based

on trust, which can promote healthy relationships.

10. it helps people connect with nature

Naturism is a lifestyle that promotes living in har

mony with nature and respect for the environment.

As a result, most people who engage in the lifestyle

feel more connected to the nature while naked.

For example, sunbathing or swimming is more

enjoyable when swimming (double) being naked

than when you are wearing clothes. The euphoric

feeling that you get when the wind blows on your

naked body or when walking about on barefoot is

very invigorating, and it helps you enjoy your sur

roundings more

11. recreation and enjoyment

Naturism is not only a lifestyle; it provides a great

source of recreation and enjoyment. Naturists who

are sports minded can enjoy playing sports such as

volleyball, tennis, table tennis, pool, darts, or even

compete in annual naturist sports competition. In

addition to sports, naturists have clubs where peop

le can relax and engage in activities such as swim

ming. Naturists also hold social events, where they

participate in events such nude cycling, tramping,

car rallies, meal gathering, and dining experiences.

These social events are a great source of enjoy

ment, and they also provide an excellent opportu

nity for socializing, where you can meet up with old

acquaintances and make new friends.

12. it promotes psychological growth

According to Dr. Robert Henley Woody, the fear of

being naked is a defense mechanism of the body.

A lot of people develop this mechanism to help

protect themselves from feeling inferior due to

their self-perceived imperfections. This can lead to

a compulsion to be always clothed, even when it is

not socially required to do so, or even when it is un

comfortable for your body. While this compulsion

can help to protect you from feeling inferior,
it can also hinder the growth of new behaviours
that can help you to grow psychologically. Natu

rism can help you to avoid this by freeing your

body, mind, and spirit, and helping to improve

your mental health. helps to promote mature sexuality

Contrary to what most people believe, clothing

focuses attention on sexuality. In today’s society,

partial clothing is considered very sexually stimu

lating, and it is used to sell products. The current

trends in the fashion industries are also aimed at

eroticizing different parts of the body, for example,

the breasts, hips or buttocks. This has led to increa

se of immature forms of sexuality in the society,

leading to immorality. Naturism on the other hand,

focuses the attention on the acceptance of the

body and its imperfection. Shedding of all clothes

makes people become familiar with a nakedness,

which helps to reduce curiosity and enchantment

that is common with partial clothing. This helps

people who engage in naturism lifestyle to become

more mature sexually.

14 it helps to lessen the anxiety about natural body processes

From an early age, people are taught that clothing

is something that should be worn all the time and

that they are not supposed to expose their bodies.

This tends to cultivate shame in one’s body, ma

king people view their genitals as “dirty parts”

rather than parts of the body that have important

functions. This creates a mystery and ignorance

about the natural processes of the body, such as

adolescence, pregnancy and ageing, which can be

a source of anxiety and concern in most people.

Naturist people are able to go through these natu

ral body processes without the feeling of shame,

and thus experience less anxiety about them.

15.increased feeling of relaxation

According to naturists, one of the main benefits of

naturism is that it provides an incredible feeling of

relaxation. As a naturist, you can be able to enjoy

your surroundings without caring about various

societal entrapments such as status and fear of

being inferior. In addition, naturism provides an en

vironment where people view each other as equal

and accept each other for their true self. Therefore,

you can be able to shed all the defense mecha

nisms you have adopted so as to protect yourself.

This allows you to enjoy your life more, which can

be more relaxing than in the textile world.

16. it promotes various functions of the body

Clothing hinders functions of the skin, the largest

organ of the body that is involved in the excretion

of toxins and cooling of the body. Clothes tend to

cover a large part of the skin, which slows down

these processes. By-products such as makeup and

oils, which are applied on the skin as accessories

for clothing, also invade the microbes of the skin,

hindering its functions. Naturism completely expo

ses the skin to the environment, which enhances

excretion of toxins and the cooling down of the

body. Nudism also helps the skin to utilize its deve

loped system of keeping the body warm, instead of

relying on clothes.

17. increases morality

According to studies, countries that support natu

rism have a lower rate of teenage pregnancy and

abortion. This is due to the fact that naturism pro

motes the understanding of sexuality by reducing

the moral disapproval that comes with trying to

seek such knowledge. This reduces the curiosity

that is common with most teens, who experiment

with early sex without being completely aware of

what it entails.

18. reduces patriachy

Clothing promotes a patriarchal society where

women are expected to dress according to certain

requirements. Those who do not follow these re

quirements are frowned upon by the society, and

often exposed to prejudices. Clothing also helps

to promote the sexualisation of women’s bodies,

which leads to sexual deviant behaviours such as

pornography and sexual harassment. Naturism on

the other hand, advocates for the acceptance of

other people as equals and helps people to respect

their bodies. This helps to eliminate male oriented

expectations that are repressive to women.


Nudism is a lifestyle that is frowned upon by some

people in the society, often as a result of fear and

misunderstanding of what the lifestyle is all about.

However, as it is evident from the above benefits

of naturism, social nakedness is a holistic lifestyle

that brings about a lot of physical, mental and so

cietal benefits. With this lifestyle, you can be able to

accept your body, enjoy yourself without pressure

from societal expectations, and