Group of naturists with their backs to camera at FFN Avignon event

Courtesy of FFN

The naturist association “Pourquoi Pas Nu Provence” (PPNP), based in Avignon, offered non-naturists the opportunity to discover the photo exhibition “LOVE US AS WE ARE” #Stopbodyshaming, throughout the month of March 2023, at the Théâtre Électro.

“Théâtre Électro” is a multi-usage cultural place with theatres, an exhibition space and a nightclub. A young and non-naturist public was thus able to discover this campaign with which they could associate. Many told us that they share the values of physical non-judgment and acceptance of oneself and others, but said that it‘s hard to put into practice in our society of image and social media.

The campaign can be found at

On March 24th, to close the exhibition in style, Pourquoi Pas Nu Provence, the regional naturist union Paca Corse and the French Federation of Naturism (FFN), with the support of the International Naturist Federation and the naturist resort Origan Village (near Nice), organised a huge naturist evening, a beautiful moment of “urban” naturism.

In the programme:

  • Nude visit to the photo exhibition
  • Theatrical performance of the play “It Could Be Worse”
  • Ending with a naturist disco evening

Before finding below a summary in pictures of this superb evening, an important detail: for some “this is not naturism”, believing that naturism doesn’t extend beyond the realms of nature. Perhaps, but in the definition of Naturism we speak of “communal nudity”, with the words “respect for oneself and others”. We are totally within this definition. Urban naturism responds to a demand from people wanting to experience a multifaceted approach to healthy, natural and liberating nudity.

Arrival of participants…

Nude audience at the Avignon event

Courtesy FFN

The President of the FFN, her husband and the Federal Secretary headed to the cloakroom and dropped off their belongings in exchange for numbered bracelets. The locker room was spacious. They then continued onto the naked visit of the exhibition.

Viviane answered questions from FFN members as well as non-naturists.

Régis, President of PPNP, thanked the organisers and partners of the evening.

Present were representatives of the FFN, the regional naturist union Paca Corse and PPNP.

Just before the start of the play, the visitors were delirious. Discussions took

Naturists at FFN disco

Courtesy of FFN

place with the actors on their impressions of performing in front of a naked audience.

The disco evening until 1am….

All regions were present as well as a German couple who absolutely wanted such evenings to be organised back home.

At the end of the evening, everyone said to us, “So when will the next one be????????”