This meeting took place from Sunday 04/06/23 to Sunday 11/06/23) with members of 9 federationsꓽ ZDNS (Slovenia), FENHU (Hungary), DFK (Germany), ÖNV (Austria), FEN (Spain), ANF (Australia), DNH (Croatia), TNC “Naturway” (Russia), UNS-SNU (Switzerland). We were very pleasantly surprised when we met two members of the Australian Naturist Federation; especially now we are trying even harder to connect with all the federations in the world. We had also a member of the Spanish Federation who travelled from South America to join us.

All of us had a very good encounter gathering again or making new good naturist friends.

We had Yoga, Qi gong, KiSong in the morning. And Klang-Meditation (Sound Yoga), Creative Dancing and Touching Story Telling in the afternoon prior to the hard Sports competitions.

These relaxing activities were offered by Barbara, Eckhard, Karin and Sebastian. And these sessions contributed for the non-member people to get to know our organization, besides the Sports Competitions.


This year every match planned could be held. These started with Chess, resulting FEN as first place, FENHU, second, in the adult category; FENHU, gold medal in the children’s category.

Regarding Table-Tennis, the ranking in Men’s category was: 1. FENHU, 2. FENHU, 3. FENHU; in Women’s: 1. ÖNV, 2. FEN, 3. ZDNS; in Girls´ 1. FENHU; Mixed: 1. FENHU, 2. FEN, 3. ANF.

Regarding Pedalos Ranking, Mixted: 1. FENHU, 2. FENHU, 3. ZDNS.

As for the Petanque, 1. ZDNS, 2. FENHU, 3.  ZDNS.

ZDNS took all the podium in Mixed Beach Volley.

Bikes: Men 1. UNS-SNU, 2. DFK, 3. DFK; Women 1. ZDNS, 2. ZDNS, 3. ZDNS; Girls 1. FENHU.

Cross: 1. DFK, 2. DFK.

Badminton: Men 1. ANF, 2. FENHU, 3. DFK; Women 1. ZDNS, 2. FENHU, 3. FENHU; Girls 1. FENHU; Mixed 1. ANF, 2. FENHU.

Tug of War: 1. FENHU, 2. ZDNS.

The Meeting concluded with Gala dinner in the Restaurant Solaris and the medals and trophies were given to all the winners. And we took group pictures hoping to meet again soon each other and expecting to have as many federations as possible the following year.

Sook-hwa Noh, EuNatCom Sports Officer