From November 4th to 6th 2022, the 50th Anniversary
Naturist Swimming Gala took place in Belgrade, Serbia,
at the swimming pool of the „25. Maj – Milan Gale
Muškatirović“ sports centre.
More than 90 participants from 13 different naturist
organisations were present over the weekend. 60 were
competitive swimmers, 12 judges and controllers, 1
lifeguard, 1 photographer, 1 journalist, and the rest
were representatives of the organisers and guests.
This year‘s gathering was also attended by
representatives of EuNat and the INF-FNI.
All participants stayed at the Mona Plaza Hotel in the
immediate vicinity of the swimming pool. Everyone
received a gift package from the organisers to
commemorate the event, the best swimmers received
gold, silver and bronze medals for their placements,
and the best three federations received cups for 1st,
2nd and 3rd places.
The participants had fun at the gala dinner with good
music, and two tours of Belgrade were organised for
We should especially mention that the guests were
allowed to use the space in the hotel without clothes in
the places where they mostly gathered, while at the pool
everyone except the judges were naked.
The gathering took place in an extraordinary atmosphere of fellowship and, according to the statements of the
guests, everyone had a great time in Serbia.
With the help of partner Nenex, a transfer from the
airport by luxury bus was provided for all participants.
Lunch at the pool was provided in cooperation with the
Just Catering company, medals and cups were taken
care of by Strong K foundry, and gifts for the participants were provided in cooperation with the Tourist
Organisation of Serbia and the Jovšić printing centre.