Last time I participated this meeting previously was in the year 2010, 11 years ago. Inevitably I remembered a lot of our departed good and intelligent friends, Adolfo and Joško, RIP. This year (from Sunday 06/06/21 to Sunday 13/06/21), due to the restrictions of the Covid 19, many usual participating federations couldn’t join usꓽ FENHU (Hungary), FENAIT (Italy), LNV (Liechtenstein), etc. And we missed them, too. But still ZDNS (Slovenia), ÖNV (Austria), DFK (Germany), DNH (Croatia), FLN (Luxembourg), FEN (Spain), TNC “Naturway” (Russia), etc. could meet each other again and make new naturist friends. Special thanks to Sebastian for his “Wake-up Movement” morning sessions and “Singing Bowl” afternoon sessions; also special thanks to Karin and Eckhard for their dedication in Qi gong, Fairytale Storytelling with Creative Dancing; besides the Sports Competitions. These started with Chess, resulting ZDNS as First place and FEN as second. Regarding Table-Tennis, the ranking in Men’s category was: 1. ZDNS, 2. ÖNV, 3. ZDNS; in Women’s: 1. ÖNV, 2. FEN. Regarding Pedalo, Mixte: 1. ZDNS, 2. ZDNS, 3. DNH; Single: 1. ZDNS, 2. ZDNS, 3. DNH, too. As for the Petanque, ZDNS also gained the First and the second rankings. The Meeting concluded with Gala dinner in Solaris as farewell party, hoping to meet again soon each other and expecting to be able to gather more federations and their members for the next 50th meeting in 2022 free of covid.

Sook-hwa Noh, EuNatCom Sports Officer