From the 5th to the 7th of November 2021 in Torino (Piamonte, Italy)

On the Friday 5th of November 2021, the INF swimmers, mostly from France (FFN) and Spain (FEN), and some of them from the Esperanto Federation (INOE), Switzerland (SNU-UNS), Portugal (FPN) and UNI, plus some companions and organizers, met at the Holiday Inn Turin Hotel to celebrate the 49th INF Swimming Gala.

Last year the Swimming Gala was cancelled because of the COVID, and this year some of the Federations didn’t attend the meeting for the same reason.

After the presentations around drinks and after dinner at the Hotel, most of the attendees went to sleep in order to be ready for the next day’s competition.

At 11:15 am two buses picked us up at the hotel door to take us to the magnificent facilities of the “Piscine AQUATICA”, located at Corso Galileo Ferraris. The meal took place in the pool restaurant in a fraternity atmosphere, washed down with good Italian wine. After lunch, most of the attendees went to visit a typical street market near the pool.

At 14:20 we entered the pool. The FFN took the opportunity to take some photos and film with an underwater camera, for which they asked for volunteers. You can see this 3 minute video, in French, on this link:, by the ANP – the association of Paris- and the FFN.

The swimmers had one hour to train. The room and water temperatures were very pleasant.

Sieglinde opened the competition and the medals were awarded in various phases, as a break.

Medal display table

· FFN (France): 30 G + 11 S + 8 B + 20 abs = 69

· FEN (Spain): 15 G + 6 S + 2 B + 9 abs = 32

· UNI: 6 Gold + 10 absolute = 16

· INOE (Esperanto): 1 G + 2 S + 1 B + 3 abs = 7

· SNU-UNS (Switzerland): 4 Silver

· FPN (Portugal): 1 Bronze 129 medals in total


During the Gala dinner, the organizers were thanked very much with applause and gifts. On Sunday after breakfast many of us took the metro with Rosita as guide for a tour to the center of Turin. In Piazza Castello (Royal Palace) some of us tasted a typical Bicerin chocolate drink. We went through the center: Via Roma, Piazza San Carlo, Palazzo Carignano (Museum of the Risorgimento) until we finished at the Mole Antonelliana.

Thanks to the UNI association, especially to Rosita and her team, and to all the participants.

We are waiting for applications for the 50th edition of the Gala in 2022, which will undoubtedly be very special and in which we will meet each other, all the usual and new federations.

Sook-Hwa NoH

Eunat sport assesor