Image by dany003 from Pixabay

Image by dany003 from Pixabay

From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August, the MNE (Association of Hungarian Naturists), celebrating its 40thAnniversary, affiliated with the FENHU (Federation of Naturists in Hungary), organised the INF-FNI Pétanque Tournament at the Oázis Naturist Campsite near Budapest.

The participating Federations were DFK (Germany), FENHU (Hungary), NFN (the Netherlands), ÖNV (Austria), FBN (Belgium), INA (Ireland), FEN (Spain), SNU-UNS (Switzerland).

The organisers, Peter & Brigitta, showed us what experts they have become, after already having organised the event two years ago.

To make it easier on our bodies to play pétanque the whole weekend, a session of massage was offered to every participant, just like two years ago. We also had a live singing group, music and dancing on the Saturday evening.

This year’s news is that during this event, we participated in the recording of a documentary about Naturism in Hungary.

All participants received our certificates and, as gifts, a towel, a tube of Hungarian Goulash sauce,a small bottle of typical digestive liquor Törköly Pálinka, a reusable plastic measuring cup, a steel shot glass and two pens. On top of that, the three top doubles winners (1. DFK, 2. FENHU, 3. DFK) also received big food and drink hampers alongside their trophies.

We, as always, exchanged small gifts at every match between opponents and this tradition helps strengthen our friendship beyond sport.

Finally, I can’t finish my report without offering my special thanks to Inge (DFK) & Johan (NFN); both of them, with their partners, have always helped the INF-FNI and me with the organisation of the Pétanque tournament.



Sook-hwa Noh,
Sports Officer